OAK OAK interview

Graffiti Iran Magazine's interview with Oak Oak , French street artist. One of the street artist that we hear of him more and more these days is "OakOak". A brilliant french artist who started street art in 2006.he doesnt follow one special style like previous artists.sometimes he uses little statues , he adds something to the objects or sometimes he writes on them ! Although there are not any special personal informations about this artist and his identity is almost a secret but Iran Graffiti Magazine did a friendly interview with this artist that you can read it in the following.

RUN-So OAK OAK when did you started your fantastic artwork around the streets?

OAK OAK- i began in 2006. In the beginning it was just one intervention sometimes. -How do you come up with this ideas? I Walk a lot in the Street every Day. In my city or everywhere i am. And i look every thing on thé ground, on the walls. ..and sometimes the inspiration is coming when i find à specific urban élément. But there is no explication. I can see the same urban élément à lot of time without idea and one Day the inspiration is here. .

-Which of your street arts are your favorit ones?

I really like my little King Kong and also my version of the scream by munch. –

Have you ever had trouble with people or police ?

Not yet. Just once but it was in an Old abandonned factory. But they thought i was here to steal some materials so when they understood i was here just to paint they asked me to leave.

-is it important for you to make a piece to last longer?

not really. I like the principe That my pièce will disapear. It s just here for sometimes. And it as a good way for me to continue to find New idées, New ideas, New things to do Last november i was in the amsterdam airport and i could do what i want so i Did à big cupcake on a spexifit On a specific place.

-have you ever wanted to do big murals and artworks ever though your small works are pretty awesome?

I Don t really need big walls. I like to play With the environnement so à white wall is more difficult for me than a wall With à lot of holes for example

-How did you started your first artwork?Did someone or something inspired you?

my First intervention was on a fire hydrant . I just put two eyes and à month and after That this urban element was more "human". After That i never stopped to try to find New urban élément to change With my works.

-Who do you admire the most beyond street artists around the world?

I really like the art of Pejac. And also Levalet and Vinie . Recently i met Zabou and it s a Incredible woman talented.

-do you know any street artist from iran (except for me )?

I Know Icy and Sot . And of course you.

-what is your idea about street artworks goes to exhibition?

for me when Street art is in a Gallery it s called art. Not Street art. But the most important is That it is art. It s not in the Street so it s art. Simply. And personnaly i think it s not à bad thing. If a Street artiste can Win some money and it allows him to buy his material, and also one Day to stop his trzditionnal work to do just art, it s a good thing.

-Do you do anything else beside being Oak Oak?

I worked in a classic place. But now Street art is using all my time.

-What are your hobbies?

i like music . I can t paint without music. I have a préférence for rock but i listen à lot of différents things. One week ago i bought an iranian 70's pop vinyle and it s Very cool!!!! I like to travel. Everywhere in the world and discover abandonned places. I like that atmosphère. And i like football and skate!

-What do you wish to do in next 10 years ? Do you have any plan for that time of your life?

I hope that i will continue to travel to met People and to paint. I hope that i will like to do my art as the First Day. I began 10 years ago but i m happy every Day to do it.

-Are you happy with your life and who you are?

i m happy. I would just like to have more time to travel and do all the projects i have . I like my life . Yes i will show you my iranian vinyle :) .

-For our last question do you have any last words?

The most important is to do it With pleasure and have fun. And also to Know That there is always in the world somebody Who wont like your work. So Don t care about the others and have fun

_ thank you very much for your time Oak Oak its been a pleasure to have interview with you.

-For our last question do you have any last words? متن ترجمه شده مصاحبه